Tuesday, 31 January 2012

50 Reason why you should not date a photographer

Do you know Ejad Fotopoyo? I am one of his fans and i admire every artwork he may refer his blog here

aku found out one of his article about reason why girls should not date a photographer....hahaha..lawak giler...betol ke dorang rase camni...aku terasa betul gak tapi sesetengah kot....maybe sbb  im ajust a man behind the camera..not a photographer.. (rendah diri is better).huhuhu....

50 Reasons NOT to Date A Photographer:

‪1. They rather hold their bulky camera, than hold hands with you.
‪2. On a romantic date, you’ll watch the sun go down and think “Wow this is gorgeous” and they’ll go “mirror lock, tripod, and stop down f/8 at 1/125.” (ok fine, ini sangat betul!!hahaha )
‪3. You’ll never be able to enjoy tv, movies, or magazines because they’ll point out all the visual flaws.
‪4. They like to sit in obscure coffee shop and voyeuristically watch people for great lengths of time.
‪5. If you’re taking a walk outside and you come across some “interesting light” they will make you sit/stand/pose in public so that they can take a photo.
‪6. You’ll never get to enjoy freshly cooked meals because they’ll spend 15 minutes taking 20 variations of the same dish with their iPhone. (err aku pakai samsung SI je la..hehehe)
‪7. They get angry when your friends go up to them and say “I am interested in photography, can you recommend a good camera for me? Nothing professional I just want to take pretty pictures.”
‪8. You’ll wait longer for them to finish analyzing art in a museum than you’ll wait at the dmv
‪9. Same goes with old used bookstores.
‪10. When you think they’re giving you their undivided attention, they’re really wondering how they could fix you with a little Clone Tool and Patch Tool.
‪11. Or they are actually using you to not look so creepy as they people watch everything going on around you.
‪12. They rather drop $1,000+ on new glass than a purse for you.
‪13. You can’t take a photo with them without taking at least five more.
‪14. If you ask them if you look fat, they’ll say “don’t worry I can photoshop you later.”
‪15. They’ll never photoshop something simple for you if the content is not up to their “standards.”
‪16. That photo they randomly took of you yesterday? Good luck getting them to send it to you.
‪17. They spend all their time on the computer (and not for porn.)
‪18. They can’t have a normal conversation with throwing acronyms and random numbers.
‪19. They still use film cameras.
‪20. They spend a lot of time with people cooler than you i.e. models, actors, musicians, successful rich people.
‪21. They’ll be fussy over the position of a common household object, like a coffee cup.
‪22. They won’t return your calls or text messages, but you can bet they’re still posting pics on Instagram. (erkkkkkk!!!!)
‪23. They like watching old films that you’ve never heard or will ever understand.
‪24. They like looking at weird things in general.
‪25. Instead of having penis-envy, they have camera-gear-envy.
‪26. If there’s a natural disaster in a far away land, they’re already on a plane going over there.
‪27. Everything is watermarked. (lalalalalal)
‪28. They think everyone else’s photos suck. (xjugak kot....i admire every people's artwork..kamera hp pun lawa pe)
‪29. They want to color correct a lot of scenes from Twilight and Jersey Shore.
‪30. They hate rainbows, especially ones spinning in a circle.
‪31. Whenever you’re in a group talking and the conversation goes deep, they’re taking notes in some form of Moleskin.
‪32. They use over priced Moleskin notebooks.
‪33. They like trespassing into old abandoned buildings filled with health hazards.
‪34. They always want to show a new photo they took, but don’t really care if you like it or not.
‪35. They hate your n00bie friend’s new artsy profile picture.
‪36. Bright, sunny days make them sad, but cloudy, overcast days are apparently great!
‪37. They’ll take you into places that have “culture” as well a high chance of getting mugged.
‪38. Your birthday present will be a portrait that they’ve taken of you.
‪39. You can’t go anywhere new without them stopping to take a photo of everything and anything.
‪40. They will always bug you to be a test subject.
‪41. Nothing can ever be naturally pretty, everything must be fixed in Photoshop.
‪42. Bringing their camera means, bringing 50lbs of equipment.
‪43. If you break any of their things on accident, you’ll owe them thousands of dollars.
‪44. You can’t get them a birthday/Christmas present without spending at least $500
‪45. They are natural hoarders, collecting and keeping piles of old newspapers, packaging, magazines, and other things that “inspire” them.
‪46. They are weird and geeky.
‪47. They have hard drives of photos, but probably have printed 10 images.
‪48. They are always secretly judging your creativity.
‪49. If you’re ever in auto mode, they laugh at you.
‪50. They orgasm every time they learn a new lighting technique.

Sape yang tak terase walau satu sila angkat kaki....

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Langit membiru

lihat langit itu... Subahanallah..indah ciptaan tuhan

Sekitar majlis ceramah agama oleh Hijabers

      Pada 20 Januari yang lepas, Kak Nara minta tolong kat aku untuk tangkap gambar untuk ceramah agama yang dibuat di Masjid Likas dan dihadiri oleh Hijabers sendiri...Alhamdullilah walaupun xberjalan dengan lancar sangat sebab aku rush nak balik sandakan and kak nara pun tetiba dapat on call untuk urus something, so aku cuma dapat tangkap beberapa keping gambar sahaja..oh ya, Kak nara akan pergi umrah bulan depan  antara yang sempat ku tangkap...

This is Kak Nara...She is cute and tegas orangnya..ohya, dia orang kunak taw..sekampung..ehehe


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hijabers Comunity Sabah

       Ok this was my second experience to join outing with lots of photographers...thanx to ahmad ridzuan don and Muaz nordin serta FLS sebab jemput kitorang untuk sama-sama join tangkap gambar untuk event Hijabers Community Sabah ni...i meet lot of friends out there and most important thing, this was also my first experience capturing a model subject, which is a person and also snapp for an big event like this,...sebab sebelum ni genre aku lebih kepada landscape and more on family activity...

   So mungkin ini adalah hasil aku yang tidak seberapa...anyway, thanx to everyone and also to Kak Nara Raudhah sebeb dia personally chat with me and said that she was impressed with my work...thanx be honesst, there's a lot of photographer who join dat event also capturing btter than me...btw, i was really here was what i snap during that event



Group potrait

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pertandingan Mencipta logo IPG Lestari

     Untuk tahun ini, IPG telahpun melancarkan program IPG Lestari untuk meningkatkan kesedaran manusia tentang pentingnya menjaga persekitaran dan mewujudkan budaya lestari sebagai gaya hidup IPG...nak cerita panjang lebar pun rasanya ramai yang lebih arif tentang apa sebenarnya maksud lestari...

   Aku juga berkesempatan untuk mengikuti pertandingan mencipta logo untuk digunakan dalam program ini... actually i did not do on purpose.. ini pun sebab setiap kelas perlu menghantar wakil and my friend ask me to join this... i know i was so crazy about photoshop but to make it really easy for me, it is quite hard..suda lebih setahun suda aku study photoshop ni tapi indak la telampau terer bah kata urang sabah, tapi buli cukup2 makan.. .tapi apapun try jak la..bukan pok menang pun, join for fun kan..=) =)
    Untuk cari idea yang sesuai,fuhlamak, memang kering abis...sejam jugak duduk depan laptop fikir idea yang sesuai, suma tak masuk2 jugak... (sambil mendengar lagu Carta hati sebagai inspirasi), akhirnya dapat inilah hasilnya selepas 4 jam punya kerja...da berkarat rupanya photoshop aku....sory, memang serba kekurangan..apapun, ada pengalaman baru jugakla buat logo...

   By The Way, thanx to all yang sanggup menolong...yang tolong potongkan kadbod, carik bahan terbuang dekat kedai runcit, yang bagi cd utk burn, yang bagi komen dan kritik, yang bagi pinjam dabel tape ngan gunting..hehe...thanx jugak dekat Amir (otai aku ni) sebab sama-sama bagi idea dan bagi pinjam print...he he he..

Definisi dan makna simbol yang terlibat dalam logo

1.  1.    Bumi mewakili keamanan sejagat manusia serta kesedaran yang tinggi  terhadap     kelestarian alam dan betapa pentingnya menjaga bumi kita agar persekitaran kita sentiasa terpelihara

2.  2.    Lingkaran berwarna biru melambangkan kelestarian budaya , dan gaya hidup yang harmoni diamalkan dalam gaya hidup IPG

3.  3.   Bunga hijau 3 kelopak membawa maksud 3 suku kaum utama di Malaysia iaitu Melayu, Cina, dan India dan pemilihan bunga itu sendiri membawa maksud bersatu padu dalam memastikan alam persekitaran sentiasa terpelihara.

4.   4.   SIllhoute berbentuk manusia membawa pengertian warga pendidik yang berjaya serta melambangkan persekitaran kampus yang berkesan melalui program IPG Lestari

5.   5.   5 helai daun di sebelah kiri mewakiri

-          Warna biru dan perlambangan air

-          Warna jingga dan perlambangan matahari yang bermaksud sumber tenaga yang boleh diperbaharui

-          Warna ungu dengan gambar kitar semula yang membawa maksud menggalakkan penggunaan bahan terbuang dan kitar semula.

-          Warna merah dengan lambang 21 yang membawa maksud Local Agenda 21 iaitu suatu program untuk masyarakat, sektor swasta dan pihakberkuasa tempatan (Majlis Daerah, Majlis Perbandaran, Majlis Bandaraya dan Dewan Bandaraya) bekerjasama untuk merancang dan menguruskan kawasan persekitaran mereka ke arah pembangunan mampan

-          Warna hijau dengan lambang tanda seru yang terbalik seolah-olah bentuk ekzos yang membawa maksud adanya kesedaran sivik mengenai penggunaan bahan merbahaya daripada sistem pengangkutan yang boleh merosakkan kehijauan bumi kita.

-          Gambar tumbuhan dan pokok di bawah sebelah kanan membawa maksud perlunya kita memelihara alam sekitar dan biodiversity

6.  6.  Warna tona biru merupakan warna tema bagi logo ini seiring dengan logo IPGM manakala warna hijau merupakan warna tona minor agar menunjukkan kepekaan mengenai alam sekitar.

7.  7.  Visi IPG Lestari ialah IPH Pemangkin Masyarakat Lestari

8.  8.   Kesemua elemen 9 tema Kampus IPG Lestari dirangkumkan di dalam satu logo bagi membentuk logo IPG Lestari

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jauh perjalanan Luas pemandangan

   Mungkin entry ini agak lewat sedikit...almaklumlah baru je masuk kuliah and diri sendiri pun sangat busy dan baru je pulang dari melancong 1 semenanjung Malaysia...fuh caya dak?? ok xcaye ye..hehe..kata orang jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan ..sepanjang 2 minggu aku kat semenanjung, start dari 14 hb, aku flight sensorang ke KL, lak cuma datang 4 hari aku kat KL sensorang..lalu menumpang kasih la di rumah pakcik aku..hehe...Cik Ron namanye... seb bek banyak member so lepak Kl pun ngan member je la..

     ok first time sampai KL it was super duper excited, ok aku memang noob... actually aku agak jakun gak nek monorel la rapid kl la ape sume tah.. aku bukan besa jln sensorang kat KL ni sesat bukan perkara biasa da bagi aku... so the moment wif my super crazy fren was really great..yela da member pun bukan tahu jalan KL..hampeh..same je ngan Mulut la yang rajin bertanya...

    err malaslah aku nak citer panjang lebar... aku citer perjalanan aku je la... sepanjang 2 minggu start dari LCCT member datang jemput aku, then nek bas g KL Sentral, then aku g
 - Damansara, One Utama
  - Kuala Lumpur , KLCC, Berjaya, Sungei wang, Low yat, and ofkos maen kat cosmoworld..yeah!!
  - Taiping
   - Kepala Batas
  - Karak
   - Jabor
   - Kemaman
   - Dungun
   - Kuala Terengganu Pasar Payang, Taman Tamadun Islam, Seberang Takir, Pulau Duyung
    - Kuantan
   - Pekan
   - Muadzam Shah
   - Segamat
  - Yong Peng
   - Ayer itam
   - Parit Raja
   - Batu Pahat
   - BENUT..!!!
   - Masai
   - Plentong
  - Pulai Jaya
   - Johor Bahru
   - Pekan Nenas
   - Pontian Kechil
   - Batu Pahat again
   -  Banda Hilir
   - Kajang : Sate kajang was really superb!!
    - KL again

   my happiest moment ofkos dapat pergi ke sekolah dan rumah Najwa Latiff... cool beb..walaupun xdapat jumpe najwa sebab dia ade rakaman MV yang baru hari tu kat KL...thanx la kat member yang bawak aku ronda BP tu,...walaupun agak jenuh gak calling2 member mintak tunjuk arah g rumah dia..wah....aku ade letak sumthing kat petisurat rumah dia..huhu..ape bende tu rahsialah!!!!haha...

   ok time to layan picture..gambar selebihnya akan diupload later g...
   gambar malas ar nk edit, uplod je lah!

gua kat Berjaya, kaki harus di snap...haha ... menyiapkan jantung nak maen roller coster kat Berjaya..kencang jugak harganya ..rm 30
first tyme men beb..ok aku terus pening..haha

Test guna tripod baru beli kat Low Yat
at the world highest twin tower...KLCC

Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan...
finally my family arrived and kitorang terus serbu Pulau Pinang..yeah

Kenangan bersama Pakcik Sajap Maswan kat Kepala Batas..
kenal x??
Ala lau korang pernah amek EDU yang asas2 fotografi or yang lelain tu mesti pernah amek nota sampingan dia..banyak kat internet...dia lecturer kat maktab kat penang haa.hehe
oh ya, dia adik abah aku..=)
Kat Pekan, Pahang..singgah rehat..
Ok pose and smile wahai family ku!!... (errr abah aku memang xmoh gerak..duduk je..hehe)

 Cube teka ni rumah sape?????!!! (^___^)

lau nak tahu betul ke x, cube tengok cat rumah ni ngn yang kat blog wawa..=)

 paparazzi in action
..OMG aku sudah busted la..hehe

Nasi Bariyani Power...gulp..memang power la....harganya memang power..huhu
tapi sedap

"err bang, pelahapnya jua ko ni..makan pelan2 bah"
" aduh lapar bah aku..fuh..tesedak suda"
err aku rasa aku tahu dah napa badan aku naik gila cuti ni..tengoklah nasi yang membukit tu

at Muzium Samudera...we are crazy


      aku ade satu serita....Mase aku ronda kat Kota A famosa, tengah aku duk layan shoot kat kota bersejarah tu,  tetiba mata aku agak terkunci tengok someone ni..tak tahula orang jepun or korea tapi muke macam orang jepun sbb aku tgk member dia mcm muka jepun.siyesly she was really cute..haha....aku tengok je dia..tup tup tetiba dia tengok aku lak, senyum agy tu..fuhlamak aku senyum balik...nak tegur kang dia xpandai speaking (atau aku ke yang xpandai??hehe) kang malu lak..tapi..

 Dia senyum kat kamera aku beb....huhu..

time ni member dia nak gambar dia,..aku kat belakang je..tapi dia tetap senyum kat tempat aku..omg..
siyesly, cute gila...xpadan pun ngn aku yang kulit jauh beza...
demam aku bila pulang dari melaka..
dia memang cute tapi Najwa Latiff lagi cute...

ha ha ha ha